MASH students helping Cheery Centre students get one more step ahead — literally


Tyler Schwarzman, Sports Editor

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For the past three years, students at MASH and specifically in its Model United Nations Club have been going above and beyond — creating campaigns, publishing videos, arranging car washes, organizing local community outreach, and working extensively with a school in North Carolina — in an effort to raise funds for the Cheery Education Centre located in the Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. So far, their valiant efforts have raised an astonishing $21,000, but their work is not done yet, as it requires not only the help of their peers, but of the wildcat community as well.

The Cheery Centre desperately needs the help of MASH students and community members in order to add grades seven and eight to their school, which would do far more than just further their students’ education. The addition of grades seven and eight would increase the children’s chances of obtaining even higher levels of education along with higher paying jobs in the future, in and out of the slum, in addition to providing at least one guaranteed meal a day, and preventing arranged, teenage marriages. For more specific details regarding the benefits of adding grades seven and eight to the Cheery Centre, and to witness the Cheery students’ strong emotional output and heartwarming desire to go to school and learn, search the URLs and

As one last push to raise the funds needed for the graduating Cheery kids to receive a 7th and 8th grade education, The MASH Model United Nations Club is hosting a 5K run/walk in Memorial Park on Sunday, October 21st. These MASH students are striving, as Model UN Advisor Mr. Reidy puts it, “to make a difference in a community 7,000 miles away that is such a big part of the MASH community, benefiting humanity, and becoming better citizens.” After all, “you can’t just teach about poverty in the world. You have to do something about it,” and that’s exactly why MASH students have now organized this community event in an effort to reach their final fundraising goal of $5,000.

But why are MASH students so involved and eager to help in the first place? Well, according to Cheery Centre 5K Committee Member and Jr. Jenna Archer, the Cheery kids are the “future doctors, scientists, politicians, teachers, and musicians of their community, have the potential to impact the world, and deserve access to the education and safety that the children in our own community have.” Cheery Centre 5K Committee Member and Jr. Josiah Steffan also commented that “as Americans growing up in a privileged society, we tend to forget that our education is a privilege that can only be sustained in a country willing to fight for it.” On the other hand, communities such as the Kibera Slum unfortunately can’t provide the youth with all “they need to be productive citizens of the world.” This, however, is where the MASH students and community can play a crucial role in forever changing the lives of these charming Cheery kids.

Starting Tuesday, October 9th, MASH students can register for the 5K run/walk at lunches or in Mr. Reidy’s room (room 240). The cost of registration is $25, with all the proceeds going directly to the Cheery Centre, and includes a liability form. Cheery Centre 5K Committee Member and Jr. Pepe Renteria also wanted to get the word out that “savvy” T-shirts will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Community members need to (and students should) check out for more information regarding the specifics of the cause, registration, schedule, how to prepare, and contact information.

As for the actual date itself, October 21st promises to be an enjoyable and memorable experience for all of those involved. The event will begin approximately at 9:15 AM, with the 5K and other games and activities beginning around 10:00 AM. At the conclusion of the race, refreshments, a guest speaker, a student speaker, and a Skype with the Cheery Centre will all be available.

Cheery Centre 5K Committee Member Jr. Sarah Rice believes in her heart that “every single person’s $25 will make a difference, no matter if they realize it or not,” and with the support of the MASH students and community, the Cheery Centre 5K run/walk will without a doubt aid the Cheery Center in adding 7th and 8th grade to their school, and help the children of the Kibera Slum get one more step ahead, not only in their education, but in life.

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MASH students helping Cheery Centre students get one more step ahead — literally