Senior graduation presentations

Regyna Gantt, Chief Editor

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These past few weeks have been busy for our senior class here at MASH. After three long years of working on the graduation project, the time has finally come to present them. For some, this is the weight of 100 bricks lifted off of their shoulders, but for others, the thought of the presentation brings much anxiety. On September 21st, 2018, 140 students came to the high school to do their presentations.

Almost every senior you ask will have something to say about the project, and often times, something different than the last. On one hand, this project led students to decide what they want to do with their future, but on the other hand, it was a stressful project that a lot of people have yet to complete.

Mrs. Reeder,  the teacher in chanre of Project Dreams, commented, “I think the day went really well. I think there was a lot of good feedback given on the new website and what that looked like for the portfolio. I think that students did an amazing job presenting, and I’m really proud of the professionalism that occurred on that day.”

Despite the fact that not all of the seniors were ready to present last week, they’re all working hard to be ready by October or December, the times for late presentations to take place after school.

There is no doubt numerous seniors really loved the project and got a lot out of it. Senior Dylan Honafius said that he “actually really loved the presentation” because it helped kids to realize what to do with their lives if they took the project seriously. While he didn’t love the fact that the project had to be presented, he said that it “wasn’t that bad” and without it, he wouldn’t have wanted to go into the early education field.

On the other side of things, another senior, Josa Rodriguez, said,I don’t think the grad project helped me at all to choose a career. People are just gonna do easy stuff to get it out of the way. I feel like it put a lot on my plate and stressed me out. It added more to my schedule than it needed to.”

For most students, the project was very helpful, and they are grateful they had the opportunity to do it. However, one concern that a senior had was that this is the most important presentation we have ever had to do and will ever have to do in high school and we weren’t very prepared. Roz Dealy said, “I don’t understand why we didn’t get to finish the whole capstone course before we have to do the presentation. Capstone is supposed to prepare us for big speeches and the grad project is the biggest speech that we’ve ever had to do. In the end, Mrs. Weidman helped me more than the senior project itself in deciding what to do with my future, but I still really appreciate the grad project and all the job shadows.”

All in all, I’m sure everyone is relieved that the project is done and over with, and now we can focus on applying to colleges and taking steps to define our future path, perhaps even using the insight we gained from the project. If any seniors get the chance, don’t forget to stop by and see Mrs. Reeder to thank her for all the help! And underclassman, make sure to congratulate seniors for finishing and presenting the project!

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Senior graduation presentations