Assistant Superintendent, Julie Huff, announces her retirement

Lily Eckroth, Page Editor

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Mechanicsburg is fortunate to have positive and helpful people working in the district. Every day staff members supply students with knowledge and resources for their ideal futures. Mrs. Huff is certainly one district employee who has worked hard to allow Mechanicsburg Area School District to grow and be successful. Although the retirement of Mrs. Huff brings sorrow to members of the district, there is overall joy in everything she has accomplished within the schools.


Mrs.Huff has worked in the district for over 25 years and has gained much experience as both an elementary teacher and an assistant superintendent. She has greatly enjoyed her time working in the Mechanicsburg Area School District. Mrs.Huff states that her favorite thing about her job has been, “seeing students grow academically, socially and emotionally.” Her ability to see students receiving “the opportunity and support needed to become who they want to be” reveals the impact the school has on students. She is proud knowing Mechanicsburg has been able to provide students with an incredible amount of help that allows them to grow as a person in the future.


Working in Mechanicsburg has impacted Mrs. Huff in numerous ways. One way involves her own personal growth. Mrs. Huff admits she has grown into the person she is today because of her job. She has also gotten the “chance to learn every day from students, staff, and administrators.”  Mrs. Huff states, “My role has provided me opportunities to work with people from various backgrounds, areas of expertise and interests.” Additionally, her position in the district has enabled her to become more involved and learn from several different people. She has gained much knowledge from her time in Mechanicsburg because of all of her interactions with all of the various individuals that make MASD a great school system.


Mrs. Huff truly had an impact on people within the Mechanicsburg school district. She was a strong advocate for teaching kids literacy and how to become better readers. Mrs. Brumbaugh, Secondary English Department Supervisor, shares, “She has played a lasting role in creating a culture of literacy, and it will be our job to sustain it.” Many staff members would concur that Mrs.Huff has also served as an inspirational role model. Mrs.Brumbaugh also states, “Holding people to high standards is equally as important as being there when they fail to meet them. The best leaders can do both. She did that for me.” Clearly, Mrs. Huff has left a great impact on both the community and district.


There’s no doubt Mechanicsburg is a great place because of the people who work in the district and what they do for students every day. By attending school every day, students find who they truly are and grow intellectually. Teachers have a large impact on shaping students, which has always been a top priority for Mrs.Huff, who explained, “In my role, I have supported and empowered educators in their efforts to do what is important for students. Educators play an essential role in our society.” In her time with the district,  Mrs.Huff has truly provided teachers and staff members with all they need to enrich and aid students.


Mrs.Huff has learned, through her experience within Mechanicsburg Area School District, how to help students be successful. Her ultimate advice for students to achieve greatness in school is to “use the opportunities provided in our school system to try out various areas of study, join clubs, engage in conversations with teachers and students, find meaning in their learning and approach school with the purpose of discovering his or her own passion.” Mrs.Huff has served as an excellent role model for students attending Mechanicsburg, and her impact will definitely not go unnoticed as she plans to retire from the district.