Use of backpacks and lockers

Emma Brooks, Reporter

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When looking back on all of  your school experiences, the first thing that might come to mind is backpacks and lockers. In primary schools, kids are not permitted to use their backpacks when going from one class to another. I don’t really understand this concept because when they eventually get to the high school, they are encouraged to use them. Some people would argue that it is a good thing students aren’t able to use their backpacks at young ages because of many different reasons, such as space and fire hazards. However, when you look at the grand scheme of things, backpacks are more helpful than harmful. For example, students don’t have to risk being late to their next class or even leave during class to access their lockers.

When middle school teacher, Mr. Kromka, was asked a series of questions, he leaned towards the usage of lockers more than that of backpacks. When asked if he prefers backpacks or the locker only policy, he responded, “I actually prefer the locker method because it limits some other items that could be seen as distractions that the students could bring to class in their backpacks. In addition, the students are expected to bring certain items to class each day.” He also believes that remembering to bring items to and from their lockers helps build up a student’s responsibility. Despite what Mr. Kromka thinks, most kids in MASH don’t agree. When 54 students at MASH were asked whether they use their lockers or their backpacks, only 8 people said yes to using their lockers. Students such as Jr. Bailey Branoff and Jr. Elizabeth Calvin simply don’t have classes near their lockers and can’t stop to deposit their belongings.

Out of the same group of  kids who answered the first question, half of the students admitted to being late to classes in middle school because of the need to stop at their lockers. Soph. Lilly Sheppard-Myers says, “For the past two years of high school, it’s always been hard getting to my locker and is just very unreasonable to even attempt it. Plus, with my back pains, having a bottom locker is even harder to access. Not to mention I’m worried about the possibility of being late to my next class just like in middle school.”

On the other hand, Soph. Ashlynn Bretz uses her locker and finds it easier to hold her stuff and access it throughout the day. Many of the classes she takes happen to be near her locker, which makes it smooth and straightforward. The usage of both bags and lockers are seemingly seen differently by teachers and students. A majority of the staff think that being given the privilege of carrying all of your things in one place can lead to distractions and easily abusing the privilege by doing things such as, using cell phones, eating, and doing other homework. Overall, lockers and backpacks seem to be equally convenient and according to most people, it’s nice to have the options, or even utilize both lockers and backpacks.

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Use of backpacks and lockers