100 years of helmets and shoulder pads

Victoria Yother, Spotlight Editor

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What gets the Wildcat community more excited than football?

Under normal circumstances, the community of Mechanicsburg would come out to show their pride, especially when we play our biggest rival, Northern High School, but with this game, the team and community celebrated much more. A century ago MASH fielded their very first football team. That’s a lot of history!

According to The Sentinel, “The festivities were organized primarily by Pehanich, Andy Sheely and Jeff Lichtel, son of Rich, according to Pehanich. Meetings began “six to eight months” ago, but it was actually in the lead-up to the 2016 celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Wildcats’ district championship that Pehanich and others around the team realized 100 years was coming up.”

Unfortunately, the loss to Northern dampened the festivities slightly, but prior to the big game the students and community that packed the stadium certainly showed their appreciation for the many faces behind MASH football over the last 100 years.  In fact, wildcat pride was at an all time high for Friday night’s maroon out. Leading in to the game, Sr. Caroline Fea, a students section leader, noted, “Football has been such a big part of our community, and it has been for the past 100 years. So I think we want to honor that by supporting our team no matter what.” But the student section isn’t the only place where hype for Friday Night Lights is running rampant. Josh Woodruff, a linebacker and a guard, shared his excitement by saying,  “We are sticking together and working hard. We are confident we will win.”   

Although the team is currently 0-4 upon the recent loss to Hershey, Coach Rose and his staff hopes to turn things around under the lights this Friday night against West Perry. 

The team is ready to battle back and play their hearts out on any given Friday. The fans are ready to cheer their hearts out on Friday. The coaching staff is ready to lead the team with their hearts out on Friday. Now we just need to get that first win!