Apps and websites every student should use

Evalyne Simpson, Features Editor

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It’s back to school season, which is a rough time for a lot of students. It can be difficult to adjust after a relaxing summer vacation. Luckily, there are a multitude of apps and websites that can help you with your school life. These apps can help you improve your study skills, plan your schedule, and even make sure you get to school on time.

Quizlet is a studying app that almost every student has heard of. It uses flashcards, games, and other tools to help students learn. You can create your own quizlet or have your friends share them with you. Many teachers also make quizlets and post them before a test or quiz.

Remind is a tool that many teachers here at MASH use. It is a text service that allows teachers to relay important information to their students. Mrs. Ray Budman, a teacher at MASH adds, “Remind is very helpful. Lots of teachers use it to help students get in their assignments on time.” If your teacher uses Remind it’s in your best interest to sign up for it, especially if you always forget to complete assignments.

If you’ve got a lot going on in your life, a planner can help you keep up with your various responsibilities. The app Todoist can help you keep track of everything. The app can be used to make lists, manage tasks, plan out your week, remember due dates, and map out projects/goals. The app is free and a much better alternative to an expensive planner.

Have you ever gone on your computer with the intention of writing a paper or completing your homework, just to end up watching Netflix? That sounds much more fun than actually doing your work, right? It’s difficult to go onto your computer and do your work without getting distracted by a million other things. With the Mac Book extension, Self Control, you are guaranteed to stay focused. It’s a application that blocks you from accessing distracting websites or mail servers during study time. You pick which websites to block and what amount of time to block them for, which means you can still look up information if you need to.

These next few websites would be helpful if you’re taking any English related classes. The first app is Audible, a widely used used audio book website. It has a vast collection of audio books, magazines, newspapers and radio programs. If you’re one of those people that hates reading you should try listening to an audio book. Listening to a book can be extremely helpful for a number of students and can aide in comprehension. and are useful for writing and reading. Mrs. Ray Budman, a user of both websites, says, “These websites are very helpful, and I have them bookmarked so I can access them when I’m writing.” can help you out if you’re reading a book and get stuck on a word. can help improve your essay scores by providing alternatives to commonly used words.

Staying in good physical shape is also important for school performance, but it can be hard to find time for exercise. Students often have so many responsibilities, and so they forget to be active. The fitness app Sworkit eliminates your excuses by offering quick workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere. The workouts are five to fifteen minutes in length but are fast paced and challenging. Sworkit offers core workouts, full body workouts, high intensity interval training, yoga, and much more.

If you always seem to sleep through your alarm, you need to download the app Alarmy. The app’s slogan is “sleep if you can”,for good reason. It’s guaranteed to wake up even the deepest of sleepers. The alarm is loud and quite frankly annoying, but you’re guaranteed to make it to school on time.

These are just a few of the thousand of school related apps and websites out there. Try these out, but they are also many other helpful apps that would benefit you. Hopefully these will help you stay on track and stress free. Here’s to a great school year!